Best Rated Antivirus Software for 2018

As our world gets more interconnected, and our devices stay online almost all the time, the fear of the virus and malware attack is ever increasing. About a decade ago you could not survive an open PC without catching an infection. Virus attacks often lead to the corruption of data, destructio
of hard drives and at times may not even allow you to work.

The kinds of infections also grew since early 2000. Apart from virusus, there are trojans, spyware, malware, rootkit infections and a few other lesser known problems. Luckily, the antivirus software on the market has been able to keep these problems under control to a great extent. But not all antivirus software are created equal. Some of them don’t work while others will slow your system down so much that it is useless to even try to work.

How do you choose a good antivirus software?

Depending on what you do with your PC, there are several options. If it is your work PC, the headache of safeguarding the workstation belongs to your IT team and they are likely to have multiple layers of protection. So we will focus on your home PC and personal laptop protection.

1. BitDefender

BitDefender has a reliable and accurate virus protection, a secured browser for financial transactions and even has a multi-layered ransomware protection. In many ways, ransomware is more dangerous than a virus infection. Apart from your PC, it also scans all your linked devices and performs a behaviour based analysis to identify potential threats. But there are two issues you should be aware of;

a. It is not free and needs a subscription

b. It is resource intensive, i.e. it grabs a quite a bit of your processing power. So if you have a lightweight processor, you may feel like your PC is slowing down.

2. Norton AntiVirus Basic 2018

Norton is a trusted name with a great reputation. This lightweight package won’t slow down your PC. But it still offers reliable protection against virus, malware, and even malicious websites. Its file reputation service can recognise most of the suspicious downloads. In case one slips through that net, the behaviour monitoring service will catch the nasty files before they can harm your PC. Its rock bottom price is another reason why Norton’s 2018 package is a great buy. Just one caveat, don’t use Norton’s Identity Safe extension on Chrome browser. It’s not easy for a layman and tends to cause too much irritation.

3. Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus

This is the lightest, yet, effective antivirus software in the market. You can download and install it in seconds. It takes up only about 2Mb of disk space. It is very light on your RAM and doesn’t need hefty signature downloads. It has a real-time protection and a great firewall and network connection monitor. Though most big labs ignore this small guy, the company has built its reputation on its ability to protect and hunt. They even offer a 70 money back guarantee.

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